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The Iron Shields Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
The Iron Shields Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was started in late 2006 in Suffolk County, New York. At the time, many members still being active in their various Law Enforcement agencies, bonded together for a fresh concept of motorcycle riding and service to local community. In the years since the very first meeting and rides of the New York chapter, the Iron Shields LE MC has grown throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

From the very biginning, we became a sister and brotherhood of riders who share many common interest with the most important one of all, the love to ride.

Iron Shields LE MC, also has a few selected non-law enforcement members who are just as dedicated to upholding the club's standards and commitments to support officers in need, local charities and each other.

The Iron Shields Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club has become a National entity, with chapters in New York, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. Indiana ,Virginia and North Carolina.

The future as we see it holds endless possibilities for our club.

We know that our members work crazy schedules and we only require that you attend two membership meetings and one sanctioned event a year. Our meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month, each being held at various locations around the Beckley area. We try to gather and ride as a club once a month as well as riding to support local charities. So if you like to ride, we offer a variety of opportunities in which we get together to do what we love.

All bikes are welcome, however yours must be atleast 800cc. Our members have all levels of riding experience from the weekend warrior to members of Police Department Motor Units. "When we ride, we ride as one." Where we ride? Well, that depends on where the road leads us. Along with our member rides, we also ride to support others such as;

  • Police Unity Tour & Law Ride
  • Fire & Police Leukemia Ride
  • COPS Ride & America's 9/11 Ride
  • The RAACE Rally & Baltimore Child Abuse Center's "Ride For Life"
  • "Heels To Wheels" which benefit breast cancer research and many many more

For information on joining or starting a chapter please contact us by using the links provided above.